Houssential Double Sided Nano Trace Tape


This is a must have in every home. Use it on a smooth surface to hang a painting on the wall, hold your kitchen items in place, hang items in your bathroom and much more!

It is made from PU Gel and is washable, so if you’d like to reuse the tape just wash it with water and it will regain the stickiness and you can use it again.

Two sizing options including 1mm x 3cm x 3m and 2mm x 3cm x 2m

  • Easy Installation: Use on a flat, smooth surface. Just peel, stick and peel again!
  • Multipurpose: Hang paintings, photos, kitchen items, bathroom items and much much more!
  • Two Sizes: 1mm x 3cm x 3m and 2mm x 3cm x 2m


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