Stick On Door Stoppers


Stick On Door Stoppers are designed to keep doors open.

The premium stainless steel and rubber components allow for a sleek, stylish design that matches any decor. They don't require any drilling or screws, but you can use one if you prefer to. These door stoppers will prevent the doors of your home or office from slamming into the wall.

  • Installed With Springs To Make Doors Bounce Away From The Walls
  • Easily To Install & Use
  • Will Hold The Door Open For You
  • Protects Your Walls From Forcefully Opened Doors
  • Pick The Color That Suit Your HOme

Measurements: Door Stop: 3” x 2.2”, Catch: .75” x 2.2”


*If using adhesives, please be sure you are placing them on a smooth and flat surface. For use with adhesives, please allow 24 hours for the adhesives to settle prior to use. Otherwise you may use the screws which also come included.

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