Houssential Cable Organizing Box


We’ve all been there- “I need all the cables connected, I just wish that it can look good too”. Our Cable Organizing Box helps you do just that!

Place in your living room under the TV desk, in your home office desk, or anywhere that you have excess cables getting in the way.

Installation is simple and seamless. Just place the adhesive tape onto the organizing box, expose the sticker on the other side, and place under the table or desk. It's that easy! As with any adhesive, it is recommended to allow 24 hours before placing any weight to ensure that the adhesives are secure.

  • Easy Installation: Install in minutes. Just place adhesives on the box, expose the other side of the adhesives, and place where you need it.
  • Organize Your Cables: Hide all the cables in this sleek easy to use box.
  • Measurements:  Approximately 16” x 6” x 5”


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