What Is A Magnetic Door Stopper?

Moving into a new home is exciting. With every item you bring into this new dwelling, you have a chance to define your time and how you wish to spend it: to fill your space with the tools you need to really engage your best life. In today's world, we work hard to create the lifestyle we deserve.

Our home is our sanctuary, and decorating it is the chance to set the stage for personal growth.  Your home is your opportunity to relax; but it can be stressful. From rearranging your items until you achieve the ideal aesthetic, to pushing doors open with your foot as you carry a heavy box into a room, there's certainly a lot that goes into it.  That's why it's important to start with the essentials -- one of which is the magnetic door stopper.

What makes it essential?

These handy home accessories are easy to install and easier to use. Not to mention, a great way to elevate the overall aesthetic quality of your space. There is a balance between functional décor and interior design that, when achieved, transforms your home into your personal oasis -- that special place that allows you to awaken each morning with an invigorated sense of self. A readiness to spend another day getting closer to your goals. A place you can step into and feel free to unwind. The source of comfort that puts you to sleep feeling safe and nourished.

This door stopper is a delightful mixture of functional and aesthetic décor that brings value to multiple facets of your life. Whether you're young and living alone or raising a family, this is a simple but necessary accessory.  It's bound to simplify your lifestyle and provide quick results, giving you increased accessibility to every part of your home or business space.


  • What is a magnetic door stopper?
  • Seamless installation
  • What makes a good door stopper?
  • How do you stop a door without a magnetic door stopper?
  • Choosing the best door stopper
  • Optical Placement

What is a magnetic door stopper?

It's very simple; people today like options. Sometimes, we want privacy. We want the door closed so that we can feel safe to be our truest selves. We need the ability to be introspective, or sleepy, or have a straight-up tantrum. There are many methods, but the truth remains the same: we all need to recharge our spirits. Then, when our personal batteries are full, we let the light and fresh air in. We want to keep the door open and feel connected to the world around us while we clean and rearrange our space. We may want certain doors to stay open (or closed) for a party. Or maybe this isn't even a home need, but a professional one. Whether you're a new homeowner/renter, a budding restauranteur, or a small business owner of any sort -- we all prefer a choice in the matter.

Give yourself the option

A magnetic door stopper is a wonderful accessory that will allow you to move through your home with ease, and increase the potential for creative use of your space. You can turn any room into an art gallery for a night, and back into your comfort zone before morning. You can keep the doors open as you glide through the rooms practicing your latest dance moves, or just...hold the door open while you vacuum.

That's the beauty of this simple tool. It can elevate the joy in your life or simply be a functional, frequently useful addition to your environment. Either way, it reduces everyday frustration. It is made of two parts: the door stopper, and the base. The door stopper is placed on the door, typically on the bottom outside corner. The baselines up with it in order to magnetically hold your door open. This simple, yet effective design prevents damage to your property while adding convenience to your life.

The installation process couldn't be easier, and you'll feel the effects right away. No longer will your eyes dart creatively across the room, analyzing the surrounding objects and strategizing the best way to hold the door open. This is one small part of your life that you can simplify today, because your time matters and you shouldn't waste it on silly instances like this. Magnetic door stoppers not only increase the value of your home by adding a sleek design element, they also protect your walls from wear and tear. Plus, they allow you to relax without the sudden disturbance of doors slamming shut (or the awkward discomfort of trying to hold them open as you move your newest piece of furniture into the room).

Seamless Installation

The magnetic door stopper is the first step towards re-imagining your life as a more efficient and impactful one. Installing yours is easy, and having them around your home or business can be a huge convenience for people of all lifestyles.

To install yours, you'll want to take the following steps:

  • Take your magnetic door stopper out of its package and identify the two separate pieces: the door stopper and the base. The door stopper is the longer piece with a ball at the end (which you will attach to the door), and the base is the flatter, shorter piece that is curved inward.
      1. Before removing the stickers, open the door all the way and get an idea of where you will place your magnetic door stopper and base. Typically, the door stopper is placed on the bottom outer edge of the door. The base will be on the wall, directly level to the door stopper.
  • Once you know where you want to place the pieces, you'll remove the sticker from the door stopper and place it in the designated location on your door.
  • Open the door all the way again, just to be sure as you place your base that it is aligned perfectly with the door stopper. Then, remove the sticker from your base and place it on the wall.
  • For good measure, test it out! Open the door and make sure the pieces are aligned.
    1. Enjoy your new magnetic door stopper, and the ease it provides.

    What makes a good door stopper?

    Many of us grew up with the classic rubber door stopper. You just wedge it under the door, and it stays open. Unfortunately, many of us also grew up with scratches and skid marks on the bottom of our door from those very door stoppers. Not to mention the compounding damage on various spots on the floor. Those old-school rubber door stoppers, while quick and easy to use, have a few disadvantages. Not only do they require moving and storing (making them easier to lose), they cause damage to your floors, doors and oftentimes your walls.

    Make choices for your long-term peace of mind

    If you're the kind of person who often loses their belongings, there's probably nothing you want less than a small, movable object that's easy to lose. Not to mention inconvenient to be without. Why buy something that, ultimately, becomes just one more thing to keep track of? When you depend on something for a basic everyday convenience, losing it can be pretty annoying.

    Alternatively, you could be the kind of person who likes everything to have a specific place. You may like things to be tidy, and appreciate minimal clutter in your space. If that's the case, there's still probably nothing you want less than a small, movable object that ultimately just becomes a knick-knack. You want everything to have its place, and for every item in your environment to be intentional and efficient.

    Magnetic door stoppers have the immediate benefit of a one-time installation. Once you apply yours to the walls and doors, they become a permanent staple of your home. A lifestyle change that you don't have to think about or keep track of. It's more dependable, and ultimately saves you time and energy. Not to mention the advantage of protecting your home from wear and tear. Unwanted scratch marks can be easily avoided and replaced by this permanent, modern and helpful design.

    How do you stop a door without a magnetic door stopper?

    We've all been there: for one reason or another, you need the door to stay open. Maybe you're moving furniture. Maybe you're finally turning your kid's old room into a gym. Perhaps you're just trying to keep the door open while you carry way too many snacks into your room to binge-watch TV shows. Whatever your reason, this is your home. Your castle; and in your castle, doors should stay open when you want them to.

    Your castle should be convenient

    Without a magnetic door stopper, most people find whatever heavy object is closest and use it to hold the door open. This can be chaotic. It can create unwanted disarray, distraction and mess.  Sometimes, this results in damage to both the door and the object. Every time, it's inconvenient. In 2021, it's downright unnecessary.

    One can always resort to the "hold the door open with your foot" scenario. Let's be honest, we've all been there before. You've got your hands full, you're feeling slightly rushed, and you aren't eager to make multiple trips to and from the room. You may be at home, you may be at work; either way, you're on a time crunch. So you take the chance. You use whatever limb is most readily available and nudge the door open with your elbow or leg while keeping as firm a grip as you can on whatever you're holding. The situation is dicey; the door is opening, but you start to feel the items in your hand wobble. You push the door open with your foot and try your best to get your grip back. Sound familiar?

    Do what makes sense for you

    If you're into living dangerously, by all means, keep applying this method. Precariously push the door open as you balance whatever you're carrying. If you're still reading, though, there's a good chance you'd rather save yourself this headache. You want to make aesthetic design choices that make sense. Magnetic door stoppers are an obvious and logical decision for any indoor space.

    Choosing the best door stopper

    If you're in the market for quality door stoppers, the first thing you need to address is what you need it for. Are you buying in bulk for your restaurant or store? Will you need door stoppers for fitting rooms, storage rooms, entrances and/or exits? If you're purchasing for a business, it would make sense to buy a few more than you need and keep them stored somewhere. Despite the dependable sturdiness of the magnetic door stopper, it's always best to be over-prepared when running a professional project. You're also going to want to make sure that all of the door stoppers are uniform, creating a consistent interior design flow in your space.

    Of course, we need door stoppers in our homes as well. If all of the rooms follow a similar color scheme, you may want to get an assortment of door stoppers in the same color. Make sure you select the quantity you need to elevate all of the doorways in your home. Your interior design may be more funky and versatile, though. That's no issue. Versatility in the color options can help you make small, sophisticated aesthetic decisions to the interior of your home.

    Once you've decided on the most convenient, simple and efficient door stopper, it's time to make it real. After you've looked at your home décor and chosen the color pattern and quantity that best suits your needs, all that's left to do is place the order and level up your space.

    Optimal Placement

    If you aren't fond of difficult-to-use home appliances, you're in luck. Magnetic door stoppers are applied in mere minutes. Once applied, you never have to think about them again. Just place the door stopper in the bottom outer corner of the door. Then, confirm that the base is perfectly level before you place it. Once both are placed, do a quick double-check and then step into a life of ease -- or at least into whatever room you want to...with ease.

    One thing is for sure: Whether you need one, three, or six door stoppers, you need good quality. We all deserve to get the most out of our space. A simple, convenient interior design amenity can go a long way. Especially one that eliminates such an obnoxious (and even sometimes dangerous) occurrence. Slammed doors and unwanted spills should be a thing of the past. The future can be an open door, if you want it to be.

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