Kitchen Gadgets That You Shouldn't Be Without

The kitchen is a special place. When you really think about it, it's the room in your home designated to taking care of yourself. With the right set-up, every morning is a delight. It's the time for you to make some tea or coffee, get a healthy breakfast together and gear yourself up for a good day. Every evening, too, is a chance to wind down and give yourself all of the sustenance you need to live your best life. Your most energized life. To get yourself ready for a peaceful night, and set yourself up for long-term success. Without the right kitchen gadgets, however, it's a lot harder to truly do that.


This may seem extreme, but never underestimate the power of a well-stocked kitchen. There's a reason why the best workplaces also have a decent office kitchen set-up. It's because this room is vital! It's a room you step into to motivate yourself--not just with powerful thoughts. It's where you get real, tangible things that give you energy. Food. Caffeine. Even a simple cup of water. All of these things require a broader kitchen set-up so that you can really enjoy and access them.

Luckily, that doesn't require much. All you really need to take your kitchen game up from good to great is a few key, affordable items. Things that you might not even think about. Their usefulness, however, will become so apparent once they're installed that you will wonder how you ever lived without them. It's wild to think how a few basic items with a powerful adhesive installation process can change our lives. They allow anyone and everyone to lead their most convenient, functional lives.


    • Heavy Duty Wall Hooks
    • You Might Need More Hooks
    • Stainless Steel Sponge Holders
    • Utensil Holders
    • LED Push Lights Are Awesome Kitchen Gadgets
    • These Kitchen Gadgets Are An Affordable Luxury
    • Broom/Mop Holders For The Kitchen
    • Everyone Loves Easy-To-Install Kitchen Gadgets
    • Push-In Towel Holder
    • These Kitchen Gadgets Will Change The Game

    Heavy duty wall hooks

    Heavy duty wall hooks are an excellent place to start. These kitchen gadgets are a must-have if you want an organized and functional kitchen. These aren't just your every day, run-of-the-mill wall hooks. What you need is a heavy duty wall hook, one that can hold a decent amount of weight. After all, there's nothing more inconvenient than when your home appliances don't do their job well.

    We all strive for products that do their job. If you buy a wall hook, it's not insane to think that you should freely be able to hang things on it. That's why you need a heavy duty option for your everyday household items. Ideally, the right wall hook will also swivel 360 degrees so that it has increased mobility and less likelihood of breaking. If you rent, you may also want to look for one that has powerful adhesive sticker installation. All you do is clean the smooth, flat surface you want to put the hook on first and then apply. These kitchen gadgets can go in any room in the house, and will truly make your life a breeze; your home is incomplete without them.

    You might need more hooks

    The average home has way too much clutter. One can say that's because most people aren't aware of the life-changing power of something as simple as wall hooks. Of course, not every item can sensibly be hung up on a hook that swivels. That's why we recommend investing in a pack of three or six self adhesive metal hooks. You're going to need some sturdy, stationery hooks for towels, kitchen cooking utensils, your favorite apron, and so much more. You want to give yourself the option to hang yourself up somewhere so that it doesn't end up draped over a chair.

    A lot of the hooks you see out in today's market are cheap and poorly made. You want to make sure that yours is not. Believe it or not, it is absolutely possible to achieve full functionality without sacrificing aesthetic quality. You should never have to sacrifice your desired aesthetic in your home. You just have to search for (and find) the right products--and we're here to help!

    Installation of these kitchen gadgets will be a breeze!

    In today's world, most of us prefer to make quality upgrades to our home without sacrificing its structural integrity. That's why you need an effective self-adhesive wall hook. These only take minutes to install. Plus, they are truly sturdy as long as you clean the surface (and let it dry) before you place the hook. (By the way: all self adhesive products will be much more long-lasting if you give them a full day to settle in before you begin hanging things on them.)

    These products are highly durable when applied correctly. Ideally, you should look for one that's made of stainless steel. That way once it's installed, it will be beautiful and functional for as long as you want it to be. It can be used for literally any product that has a handle, or any cloth item. It's the perfect place to hang an Apron with a funny slogan like "Sometimes, you just have to take a few WHISKS!". Of course, the options are endless and you can use your hook for whatever you want. Whatever you decide to use it for, it's sure to elevate the overall quality of your home life. They're not an eyesore, either. The shiny, sleek design is a welcome decoration in any home.

    Stainless steel sponge holders

    Another home item you shouldn't live without is the soap/sponge holder. These are so simple to use, yet their effects are profound. This isn't an exaggeration. You need a proper place to store your sponges. Otherwise you might really be putting yourself at risk for mildew exposure. Of course, you don't want to worry about rust. That's why it's recommended that you purchase a top of the line, stainless steel soap/sponge holder. These feats of modern kitchen utility will effortlessly hold your sponge in place. The airy design will prevent your sponge from sitting in a pool of water and bacteria.

    This is important because, as previously stated, you don't want to create an environment where mold can thrive. Conventional sponge holders are like little buckets you can put on the side of your sink. They have holes, but not on the bottom. This is illogical, because even a few drops of water can create an environment where bacteria can multiply. Nothing is farther from desirable when it comes to your sponge holder, so get one that eliminates that problem altogether.

    With a sleek, futuristic look, this sponge holder will help you step your kitchen game up a notch. You don't need a drill--or any tools at all-to install. That's right, even stainless steel sponge holders come in a self-adhesive version. Installation is so simple. Just clean the surface, expose the adhesive part, and stick on the surface. If needed, you can even get two or more of these holders so that all of your kitchen essentials have their rightful place.

    Utensil holders

    A messy kitchen is nobody's favorite place to walk into. No matter how low-maintenance a person may be, everyone prefers having their items in order. That's why no kitchen should be without a utensil holder. This nifty kitchen gadget may seem basic, but there's a reason for that. It's one of the most effective ways to display your favorite beloved kitchen items. Entering your kitchen to see your favorite sarcastic mug or set of beautifully designed cooking utensils is an instant mood lift.

    Installation is easy as can be. Every kitchen has cabinets, and the design takes advantage of that. All you do is slip the utensil holder directly onto the bottom part of your cabinet, and bam. You're in action. As always, you'll want to look for a stainless steel model. These will be more durable and aesthetically long-lasting while giving your kitchen the clean, efficient look you're going for.

    LED push lights are awesome kitchen gadgets

    Of course, no home is truly complete without adequate lighting. Have you ever walked into a dark room, squinted your eyes and walked slowly and carefully towards the light switch? Carefully trying not to step on or knock anything over to turn on the lights. On the other side of the room. This is just one instance where a classic LED push light could come in very handy. Just enter the room, push on the little light (you can even turn it on with your elbow if your hands are full!) and enjoy the luminescence it provides. 

    That isn't the only use for these incredible little gadgets. They can provide extra lights for a variety of different places around your home! In your kitchen, however, they are an absolute necessity. You can place some underneath the kitchen cabinets to add an option for more subtle lighting. At night, this can be especially pleasant. Imagine you're all cozied up, your eyes are adjusting to low lighting, when suddenly you want a cup of tea. Of course this means you have to enter the kitchen, where lights are often brightest. You can use these small LED lights to illuminate your path without having to re-adjust your eyes. It's not too much or too little--it's juuust right.

    These kitchen gadgets are an affordable luxury

    We're re-visiting our favorite method of installation once more, because its usefulness cannot be understated. The self-adhesive is especially awesome when it comes to LED lights. It increases accessibility to high-quality, luxurious prices without breaking the bank. Normally, adding small auxiliary lights to your kitchen would cost an arm and a leg. Not to mention the time and headache of bringing workers into your home to update your electrical wiring and add the lights. With the LED push lights, however, you can easily afford the same luxury. Save all of that money and use it on a trip to Cabo, because you deserve it.

    Once you've cleaned the surface where you want the lights to go, grab some AAA batteries. Put them in the device, expose the adhesive material and presto--it's installed. Just like that! Just push once to turn on, and once to turn off. These inventions are so useful that we recommend getting 3, 5, or even 10. You never know where you might decide to add more lighting.

    Broom/mop holder for the kitchen

    There's one golden rule of kitchens: we have to keep them clean. Otherwise, how can we truly provide health and sustenance for ourselves? A happy kitchen is usually an active kitchen. Unfortunately, an active kitchen can get messy. That means we have to keep it clean. This is, after all, the most logical way to make your kitchen an inviting space. That's why one of the kitchen gadgets you need to have is the broom/mop holder. Once you sweep and mop your floors to get them back to pristine condition, you want to put the cleaning materials again. With sweeping, though, the broom often moves to and from its storage place quite often. With a broom/mop holder, you can easily access your cleaning materials. This gives you encouragement and motivation to keep your kitchen ready for use!

    Of course, this can be very helpful for other areas of the house. Especially if you have a backyard or laundry room. But their utility in the kitchen seriously can't be understated. With a self-adhesive broom or mop holder, you can step into a more convenient life. It will be affordable and so easy to install. They can be made of many materials, but stainless steel is always the way to go when it comes to kitchen gadgets. A kitchen well-decorated with quality equipment is highly encouraging. Rusting or peeling materials, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect.

    Everyone loves easy-to-install kitchen gadgets

    To add this wonderful feature to your kitchen, start by cleaning the surface of your choice. Choose somewhere smooth and flat. Then peel, stick, and wait a day for it to settle and enjoy the level-up it provides. You now have a durable, functional and beautiful item just for holding your broom. For keeping you on task and motivated. Put on your favorite song or album, cook and clean. With the right mindset, self-care doesn't have to be a chore. It's a privilege to have the right tools to live our best life. You can even choose the color option that most suits your aesthetic. Just push the broom in, and there it will stay until you're ready to use it again. Everyone who enters your home will see that you're dedicated to taking care of yourself and protecting your health.

    Push-in towel holder

    Every kitchen has towels. We use them to clean our surfaces, sometimes to place underneath a dish rack while our dishes our drying. But here do they go when they're not being used? Most people tend to drape their kitchen towels over the oven handle. Others hang them on the drawers, cabinets, and even the kitchen sink. Imagine, keeping the thing you use to dry surfaces next to the one part of your kitchen that literally spews out water. Nobody does this unless they feel they're out of options.

    The good news is, you're never really out of options. That's just a matter of perspective. There is, in fact, a sea of kitchen gadgets out there for you to explore. Among them is the small, yet incredibly useful push-in towel holder. It's time to implement a more logical, attractive solution to this problem. 

    Push-in towel holders are incredibly easy to install--if you stick with our preferred self-adhesive variety. Find a corner of the kitchen that feels right. Ideally, somewhere with enough open space. You're going to be hanging your towels from here, so you don't want to put it in an area that already feels crowded. Once you've selected the right location, it's time to add the innovation. Peel the sticker to expose the adhesive material. Then, just place the towel holder in its desired location. Voila! You're ready to just push in your towel and go about your day. When you need it again, it'll be right there waiting for you. Tucked tightly into the grasps of its high-quality towel holder. A small item with a large impact, your push-in towel holder is built to last. It'll be there to help you dry off whenever you may need it.

    These kitchen gadgets will change the game

    Whether you're a busy person on the move or someone who enjoys a more stay-at-home lifestyle, your kitchen should be optimized for your enjoyment. Not only can you easily afford a high-quality kitchen, you deserve one. If you know where to look, you can decorate your space with everything you need to live efficiently. To have everything just as it should be, in its right place. So go on and enjoy your new luxurious items. You can now experience life in your kitchen with the same luxury as your favorite stars and celebrities.

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